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Interview med Lange

Med hans nye album release 'Harmonic Motion' ude og en forestående album tour, tog vi os en snak med engelske Lange om bl.a. opvækst, det nye album naturligvis og arbejdet omkring hans album.

Skrevet af Sven Andreas Stentoft Jensen, den 06/07-2010 kl. 11:09


Harmonic Motion cover

Lange Hello Lange, first of all thanks a lot for letting us take your time to this Interview! How are you doing and what have you been doing lately before sitting down and answer our questions?

Lange: Hello.  No problem, I appreciate your support!
As you can imagine i’ve been doing a lot of press interviews for the upcoming album and some guest mixes for shows recently.  Also i’ve been finalising a few final club mixes and preparing for the album launch parties.  Last weekend I was in Leeds, UK and Riga, Latvia for’s all very busy as usual! Your new artist album ‘Harmonic Motion’ is soon out, ready to hit the stores, what can you say about the new album and what could people expect?

Lange:  Firstly i’m very pleased with the final result!  I think the album’s sound is quite varied throughout.  There are some different styles but the album still has Trance at it’s heart.  Influence that can be heard on there include classical, indie rock, 80s together with my more usual electro/techno edged trance.  One track called ‘All Around Me’ is also a nod back to the ‘Old school Lange sound’! It’s been quite some years since your debut album (released in 2007) how come it has taken such a long time before we’ll get a follow up?

Lange:  ''Better Late Than Never'' was my first artist album, and this is my second so i’m just getting into the whole album writing thing ;)
I’m certain the next album will not take so long to write! How has the work process been during this album, and how long time has it taken to produce this album?

Lange:  It was pretty intense.  I started work on it around October last year and set myself the deadline to complete it by the end of March.  I’m not the most prolific writer and I probably spend far too much time on the small details that no one will notice anyway!  So to write most of the album in around 7 months was quite an achievement for me. You’ve worked with quite a lot of both known and unknown vocalist on this album, how has that been for you and how have you worked with their vocals them in the studio?

Lange:  In most cases they have sent me a vocal recorded in a local studio.  The one week I was touring over in Australia last year, Emma Hewitt was in Europe so we just missed out on doing the session together. I usually hook up with Sarah Howells for the vocal recording and the vox for our new one,‘Fireworks’ were recorded in my studio.  I always spend a lot of time processing and editing vocals at the start of a project so it’s not critical i’m there for the recording. What does this album mean to you compared to releasing a single?

Lange:  Obviously an album is a much larger project to take on.  It’s a significant part of your life when you consider it usually takes a minimum of 6-12 months to complete one!  Writing an album is very enjoyable because it allows more freedom to experiment.  It’s more of a challenge too, with the aim being to entertain the listener for an hour or so.  The whole process of creating the music then a concept, artwork for the cover and booklet, visuals for the tour, ideas for marketing requires the involvement of a team of people and it’s great when it all comes together! The first single from the album is ‘Live Forever’ with Emma Hewitt on vocal, what are the plans regarding other single releases from the album and eventually potentional remixers?

Lange:  I was really excited to see the reactions to ‘Live Forever’ and the single has sold well, holding no.1 on Beatport for a couple of weeks.  Both Mat Zo and Steve Brian did great jobs of their remixes.  The next single is just about to be promo’d.  It’s called ‘Strong Believer’ and features male vocals by Alexander Klaus.  It’s not out until August but we’ve already put the official music video up on If you should choose between the complete tracklist of the album, which 5 tracks would you pick out to represent ‘the Lange sound’ for someone complete new to the elec-tronic music scene?

Lange:  I’d recommend they check these:-

Strong Believer
Live Forever
Harmonic Motion
Let it All Out
Sci-Fi Hero In the studio, what kind of equipment do you use and have, and do you work only with digital equipment or do you like also prefer to use analogue instruments in your pro-ductions too?

Lange:  Although i still have some hardware, I have been working 100% digital for a few years.  I’m a Cubase user and have always worked on PCs.  Software Synths i’ve used the most include Nexus, Imposcar, Minimoog V, Juno 106, FM 8, Battery etc. Where in UK did you grow up, and what kind of music did you listen to during your younger years, and did it have any special impact on you compared to what you produce today?

Lange:  I was born in Shrewsbury, a town in the Midlands of the UK.  Shrewsbury didn’t really have a dance scene and most of my friends were into Rock.  There’s not much non-electronic music that I like, so i was relieved to discover dance music and then more spe-cifically trance music in the early 90’s.  Early influences were Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, The KLF, New Order, 808 State etc.  My Father used to play a lot of classical music when i was growing up to, I definitely think that had an influence on me. Have you taken any studies or professional training in music production etc. or is it all self taught what you do?

Lange:  When I left school I wanted to be a sound engineer and i did take one of the earliest ‘sound engineering’ courses.  It was however more of an electronics course with just an hour or so each week in the studio.  I completed it but taught myself about engineering and production.  After finishing University I continued to learn and eventually got my lucky break. Are their any producers, composers, dj’s or artist that have had any influence in your music direction or style during the years you have been in the scene?

Lange:  Apart from the artists i mentioned earlier, labels such as Perfecto, Platipus, and Hooj Choons were very influential in the early days.  These days i’m influenced by many artists in the trance scene as well as other music outside it, such as film soundtracks. Could you take us through a tour of the album tracks and comment on them in a few words, about the collaboration with your vocalist, and the influences or the circumstances under which you composed each track?

Harmonic Motion
Harmonic Motion was made quite early on but wasn’t named until i had chosen the name for the album.  It’s one of my favourite tracks and good fun to play out.  I wanted the album to start with a bang and I feel this one fits the bill.

High Noon
Some tracks quickly fall into place, others get revisited over and over.  High Noon is one of my more experimental tracks i’d been playing around with for a while – I like it’s unpredictability and quirkiness.  I picture a gun-slinging western when i hear it, hence the name.

Live Forever
The first single from the album features Aussie vocalist Emma Hewitt.  I spent a long time on this track, wanting to do justice to the great vocal.  It was great to work with Emma, but we still have never met!

How Long
Quite simply, ‘How Long’ is a piece of Strings.

All Around Me
I’d met Betsie Larkin a few times when performing with her and Ferry Corsten, and we de-cided to do a track together.  ‘All Around Me’ is very much a nod to the old school trance sound I had back in the late 90’s!

Wie Komme Ich Am Besten Zum Bahnhof Bitte
It’s the only German phrase i remember from the year i studied it at school!  With the track relentlessly building as it does and the epic ‘horn’ effect, i thought the title suited it.   For those who don’t know, it translates to ‘Please can you tell me the best way to get to the Train station’?

Let It All Out
This was the follow up with Sarah Howells to ‘Out Of The Sky’.  It was released last Autumn as a single and I still think it’s got a fresh sound so included it on the album.

The vocalist for ‘Angel’ was a myspace find and performs under the name ‘The Hall Of Mir-rors.  I wanted the album to include a few surprises, and had the idea to find a vocal-ist/songwriter who might provide inspiration to create something completely non-dance.  Voila, the downtempo (83bpm)  ‘Angel’ –  I think she sounds a bit like Kate Bush, but with even more pitch bend.  It’s another favourite of mine.

This is another track featuring the incredible voice of Sarah Howells.  This album version is based on triplet time and has some 80s influences.

Sci-Fi hero
"Sci-Fi Hero is one of the instrumentals on the album. It's a pure trancer, and remained un-named right until the day before the CD artwork was to be completed! The name came to me after listening to the track 10 times in a row; eyes shut, imagination rolling.
The track was equally difficult to complete. The rhythm and basslines etc were all there but i kept on changing my mind on melodies and it took 3 revisits over a few months to settle on the final one."

Strong Believer
"Strong Believer was one of the last tracks I completed for the album. I finished it the week before playing at Armin's ASOT450 party in New York and couldn't resist giving it a spin.
It remained an ID - ID for 2 months and quite a few people asked what it was. I really like what the video producer put together for the Strong Believer video, check it out!"

Clouds Across The Sun
Vocalist Sarah Ozelle also featured on ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ on my first album.   Clouds Across The Sun was the last track i finished on Harmonic Motion.  By this time I was feeling very creative and this track doesn’t really follow any arrangement rules.  I wanted to build on the melancholic nature of the vocal and think the strings do just that.

All Around Me (Reprise)
I noticed early on during the production of ‘All Around Me’ that Betsie’s vocals sounded great with just the effects and minimal chords running.  Why not share it? When you’re not on the road dj’ wise or travelling, or in the studio producing what do you spend your time with, do you have any hobbies or interest besides music?

Lange:  I have little time away from music.  When i get chance i head to the countryside to escape all the work, and of course spend time with friends etc. Along with the album release you also going to start up a album tour, which places are so far confirmed and where will it take you, and what can people except to see and hear if they attend one of the tour performances?

Lange:  It kicks off in the UK with ministry Of Sound in London, and Breakfast Club at Syndicate in Blackpool.  I have dates in the rest of Europe, China, Indonesia, Singapore USA, over the next couple of months and Tours of USA and Canada in September, with Australasia later in the year.   I’ll be spinning most of the album at the HM tour dates as you’d expect, and there are some great custom made visuals to accompany my set.  I’ll also be dropping in some of my older material too.  I can’t wait! Those where the questions for you Lange, thanks a lot for letting us taking your time, we wish you all the best with your new album etc. and take care!

Lange: Thanks for your support & hope you enjoy Harmonic Motion!

'Harmonic Motion' er ude nu, du kan læse anmeldelsen her


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